What blast media is the best replacement for silica sand?

With all of the mandates currently in place, as well as the upcoming rule changes to silica based blast media, you may wonder where to turn for an inexpensive replacement for silica sand.

Abrasives, Inc. is the manufacturer of what is widely thought of as the “Cadillac” of the Coal Slags in the market. Our Black Magic coal slag is very versatile and can be used on numerous substrates, but is not recommended to be used on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, stainless steel or titanium. On non-ferrous metals, we will recommend using a media known industry wide as Crushed Glass, or crushed bottle glass. Crushed glass contains no ferrous metals that can be impregnated into the non-ferrous substrate.

Blast Media chart

Through the month of June, we are selling our two finest screening sizes of Black Magic Coal Slag (30-06 and 40-60) at the same cost as our larger screen sizes.

Call us at 800-584-7524 and let us help you find the right solution for your need. We are only successful if you are.

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