Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a natural, water soluble, inorganic compound with a soft crystalline structure that makes it an ideal, mild abrasive.


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) is used to clean, de-paint and degrease a wide variety of sensitive substrates including glass. Maintenance Formula XL is formulated using largest crystals and standard moisture control system, absorbing moisture before it can cause flow problems. The “XL” crystals are the most aggressive and ideal for most paint removal applications. This media is more aggressive than the ARMEX® Blast Media Maintenance Formula and is recommended for projects where increased productivity is desired.

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Safe to use on virtually any substrate, including delicate surfaces, rotating equipment & moving parts
Automotive paint removal
Graffiti removal

Grit Sizing

270 Micron size – 70 Grit


2.5 on MOHS scale


Optimized crystal size significantly improves cleaning & depainting performance
Free flowing qualities reduce flow problems associated with other baking soda-based blast medias
Water soluble -eliminates media residue concerns; simplifies clean-up & disposal; less solid waste generated
Ideal for NDT/NDI preparation-does not remove metal
Nontoxic & nonhazardous
No free silica
Nonflammable & nonsparking∗resulting in significant worker safety advantages
Contains no solvents or caustic chemicals -reduced air pollution
USDA-approved as an A-1 cleaner and suitable for use in FDA-regulated facilities
Will not cause thermal sparks when striking the workpiece. Equipment must be grounded and bonded to prevent electrostatic discharge.


Paper Bags: 50 lb




SDS Sheets

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