Black Magic® Coal Slag

Recycled lignite coal by-product for fast abrasive blast cleaning and used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Manufactured by Abrasives Incorporated.



Black Magic® coal slag is a recycled by-product of lignite coal-fired power plants. Our slag is created from a hotter source which creates a harder material and conforms to environmental standards. The extensive screening process we use to size our slag results in more consistently sized particles that are less likely to clog equipment. As a result, users of Black Magic® say it cleans faster, better and has less dust than other slag products. A sharp, angular shaped blasting media, cost effective, low free silica, coal slag is a common choice by contractors for a wide variety of substrates. Made in the USA.


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Air blasting
Mill scale, paint & rust removal
Epoxy removal
Surface preparation for coatings

Industry Uses: Automotive, steel, new construction, bridges, tanks, pipelines, oil field, structural steel, shipbuilding, concrete, water towers, railcars, steel machinery, marine equipment

Non-blast abrasive uses: golf course bunker sand, roofing granules, sealcoating

Grit Sizing

8-20 Coarse: Heavy cleaning, deep profile, 4+ mil, commercial blast result

16-40 Medium: General cleaning, moderate-deep profile, 3-4 mil, near white metal blast result

20-40 Medium Fine: General cleaning, moderate profile, 2-3 mil, near white to white metal blast result

30-60 Fine: Light cleaning, slight profile, 1.5-2 mil, white metal blast result

40-60 Extra Fine: Surface cleaning, smooth profile, 1-2 mil, brush off blast result


6.5 – 7.5 on MOHS scale


Hard, angular particles for enhanced cutting
Consistent weight & size
Fast cleaning
Low friability
Excellent profile for coating adhesion
No heavy metals
Chemically inert
<0.2 free silica
Licensed Blastox® Blender


Paper Bags: 25, 50, & 80 lb
Jumbo Cells: approx. 3,800 lb
Bulk: Railcar, Pnuematic Trailer (in certain areas)




CARB certified
QPL approved MIL-A-22262
TCLP approved


Dustnet® Liquid Dust Suppressant:
Reduces up to 97% of nuisance dust and as much as 76% respirable dust during blasting.
– No special disposal requirements
– Settles dust closer to blast site
– Doesn't affect coating adhesion

Blastox®: Stabilizes lead in various industrial paints and spent abrasive waste. Offers One Step Lead Abatement technology.
– Waste classified as non-hazardous
– Disposal in Class D landfill
– Abrasives, Inc. is a Licensed Blastox® Blender

SDS Sheets

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