“Choosing Black Magic over the other brand?”

We thought you might like to see this. Often times we are asked questions like:
“Why should we buy Black Magic over the other brand?”
“Can’t you beat the pricing we get from the other guys?”

Well, pictures can say a thousand words sometimes. Just look at these:

Picture #1 shows Black Magic Coal Slag 30/60. Do you notice how pure black it is? That is the color it SHOULD be.

The 2nd picture shows the minimal residue left on a hand after you dump it out. Notice how there is only a trace of particles left behind? We provide a pure product with no additives or blends of other types of slags (unless you’ve ordered a specific blend).

Now take a look at Picture #3. This is the “other guys” coal slag project as it showed up on site. Compare it with the first 2 pictures. Is it all black? Does it look clean and pure? This is the residue that was left AFTER we poured it out of our hand. Lots of dust and sticky.

We are proud of the quality of our Black Magic Coal Slag. And testimonials like this tell us we are doing it right. So why do we hold true to our pricing? Because you truly get what you pay for.

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