Black Magic® "The Tough Stuff" Coal Slag

The recycled by-product of lignite coal fired electrical generation plants, Black Magic® "The Tough Stuff" is a "green" product that conforms to environmental standards. Our slag is created from a hotter source which creates a harder material. As a result, users of Black Magic® say it cleans faster, better and has less dust than other slag products. What else can Black Magic® be used for? Check it out below!

  From Our Customers...
"We have used other products, but I get feedback from employees that they prefer working with Abrasives' product. It is better, cuts better and it's not as dusty."
Mike, Casper, WY

Pride of Dakota

Black Magic® Blasting Abrasive

Grit Sizes

  • 8-20 Course
  • 16-40 Medium
  • 20-40 Fine
  • 40-60 Extra Fine


  • Bags: 25, 50 or 80 lb
  • Jumbo Cells: approx 3,800 lb
  • Pneumatic Trailer
  • Railcar


  • Hard angular particles
  • Consistent weight and size
  • Fast cleaning
  • Excellent profile for coating adhesion
  • No heavy metals


  • < .2% free silica
  • CARB & QPL approved

Available Additives

  • Blastox®
    Pre-blended with Black Magic® for use in paint blasting operations, these chemicals effectively stabilize environmentally hazardous heavy metals, such as lead, when they are encountered in the blasting process. The spent abrasive is non-hazardous and can be disposed in a local subtitle D landfill.
  • Dustnet®
    A non-hazardous dust suppressant available pre-blended with Black Magic®. It reduces up to 97% of nuisance dust during normal transfer operations and as much as 76% of respirable dust during blasting.

Black Magic® Roofing Granules

Black Magic® is perfect for:

  • Headlap Granules
  • Backsurfacing Granules
  • Mineral Surfacing Granules

Black Magic® Bunker Black Sand

Black Magic® brings a bold, unique and attractive look to golf course bunkers. Golfers will be in awe of visual change, just as they are at the prestigious Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck, ND.


  • Meets USGA Recommendations
  • Non-hazardous
  • Consistent weight and sizes
  • No reaction with chemicals or fertilizers


  • Bulk - End Dump
  • Hopper Bottom


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