About Abrasives

Abrasives Inc. is proud to be a North Dakota based corporation originating in 1990 as a silica and coal slag producer. Production first began at the Elgin, ND plant and then expanded due to increasing demand for our fine quality products. The Glen Ullin, ND plant opened in 2001 with easy access to I-94 and railroad facilities to increase delivery availability.

Giving our customers what they need quickly to get the job done efficiently is always our goal: from start to finish. With that in mind, in 2014 we expanded our high quality equipment & products to include protective gear, coatings and painting equipment. We also service most of the equipment that we sell. But the biggest addition to the Abrasives’ family was adding a second location in Minnesota. Abrasives Inc. purchased BCS Industrial in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area.

Abrasives Inc. delivers loads of Black Magic® coal slag to every state and province in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are committed to supplying quality material when you need it, where you need it.

Black Magic, "The Tough Stuff"

Black Magic® coal slag, "The Tough Stuff", is produced at the Glen Ullin, ND location. Our coal slag is a byproduct of the lignite coal fired electrical generation plants. The product is trucked in from local coal plants, washed, screened and processed at the Glen Ullin Plant and then sold for various uses. The majority of Black Magic® is used in blasting and pipeline industries. Aptly called "The Tough Stuff", Black Magic® is know for it's hardness and superior cleaning performance.

Dakota Gold

While Black Magic® is the bulk of the current business, Dakota Gold™ silica sand is how Abrasives Inc. got it’s start. Raw silica sand is hauled from our local sand pit to the original plant in Elgin, ND. The product is cleaned, graded and sold for uses such as well pack, filtration, and geothermal applications. Dakota Gold™ is also a superior product for golf course top dressing. Abrasives Inc. provides top dress for many golf courses in North Dakota as well as South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Efficient - From start to finish.

Giving our customers what they need quickly and efficiently is always our goal: from start to finish. Whether servicing the equipment that we sell, or delivering a truck load of Black Magic© on time, we are committed to supplying quality products when you need it, where you need it. From start to finish.

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