Intercure® 4500

Reduces the number of coats required and dries quickly even at low temperatures, maximizing productivity. One of our best selling coatings.



Intercure 4500 is specially formulated to provide rapid cure and reduced coats to aid throughput in fabrication and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) environments. Intercure is based on polyaspartic resin technology. High performance Intercure® 4500 semi-gloss primer finish can vastly improve your productivity, with it’s excellent anti-corrosion and aesthetic properties. This allows you to replace traditional multi-coat systems with a single coat primer either direct to metal or over a primer. Productivity is further enhanced with hard dry times as low as two hours at 77°F (25°C) 50% RH.

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Abrasives Incorporated is a distributor of International® Paint.

International® Paint has operated within the coatings industry for over 100 years and supplies protective, marine and yacht coatings to some of the largest companies around the world.


Original Equipment Manufacturing

Does the job of two products: replaces a high build primer or intermediate and aesthetic topcoat in one coat


Semi-gloss polyaspartic primer finish
Outstanding corrosion performance in a single coat either direct to metal or over a primer
Rapid cure even at low temperatures
Improved UV durability versus traditional polyurethane topcoats
High solids, low VOC


Rapid cure even at low temperatures
Ease of application
Productivity and time savings
Improved handling times
Reduced need for shop heating and forced drying
Reduces the number of coats
Low VOC emissions
Color retention/UV resistance