Enviroline 2405

Single coat application with no need for a primer and rapid curing makes this International® paint our most popular lining.



Enviroline® 2405 offers outstanding long term chemical and corrosion protection to crude and petroleum bulk storage tanks, process vessels, secondary containment and the internal and external lining for buried transmission pipelines. Suitable for use with both standard airless and plural component spray equipment to allow for easy installation of a full linings system in a single coat. No additional thinning or heating of the material is needed with Enviroline® 2405 which helps reduce application costs. Productivity is further enhanced with return to service times in as little as 48 hours at 77 degrees F. The ultra-low VOC formulation (98% solids) assists in reducing solvent emissions, which aids in VOC legislative compliance.

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Abrasives Incorporated is a distributor of International® Paint.

International® Paint has operated within the coatings industry for over 100 years and supplies protective, marine and yacht coatings to some of the largest companies around the world.


Suitable for application to correctly prepared steel substrates in a variety of end use applications

Specifically designed for produced water tanks, reactors and separators operating up to 302°F (150°C)

Resists continuous immersion in a wide range of chemicals, including crude oil up to 203°F (95°C)

Specified as a single coat application at 16-30 mils (400-750μm) DFT, minimizes labor and material costs and eradicates intercoat adhesion issues

Simple 2:1 mix ratio eases mixing and aids ratio accuracy in airless or plural application equipment

Very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels of 0.37 lbs/gal (45g/Lt) content assists in reducing solvent emissions, which aids VOC legislative compliance


Single leg application
No need for a primer
Apply in a single coat
Available in two colors: green, light grey
Rapid cure


Reduced application time
Reduced installation costs
Reduced stock levels
Reduced material costs
No intercoat adhesion issues